Anaplan stops during large imports and processes


Recently I came across and issue where Anaplan users won't be able to work if another user is importing a big file or running a process.

it was reported by users that during those time Anaplan stops responding and the dialog box appears which says some user is making changes.

Does anyone faced same challenge and what can be workaround for this?


  • Hi Abhay,


    Please note that imports are blocking operations and whenever user runs import, the other users are blocked from doing action, though they can navigate (will be a little slow and a popup will appear).


    It is best to setup imports in a way that they are optimal and take lesser time like setting imports from saved view with only relevant data, taking care of any errors/warnings during the imports, try doing incremental imports only, and last but not the least to have data hubs setup.


    The above are modelling decisions but its optimal to think beyond modelling on how the imports need to be setup. Do they really need user intervention. Can we schedule imports while users are not in action etc. 




  • imports bringing in data should be scheduled at times when users aren't using the model


    imports should not be necessary for your end users work in the model.