Validation error in UI


Hi Team,


I need a help for validation error message  in UI. I have a grid which capturing start date and end date of leave from an user.

if user input is more than the balance number of days which shown as separate filed in same grid i have to show end date column input by user in red color saying date not cross balance number of days. 


How can i do it ? 






  • Hi @Jerin_KJ need more details on how you are calculating the balance number of days.


    If balance number of days is equal to "End date - Start date +1" then create a line item to capture the days using "End date - Start date +1" and see if the days are exceeding balance number of days. 

    Create CF line item and say if the "End date - Start date +1" days are exceeding the balance number of days then give 10 else 0. Use this for applying CF on End date line item.