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Is there a way to put in one Formula for Actuals and another Formula for Forcasting? I was thinking I might have to create two Line Items (one for Forecast and one for Actuals) and put those formulas into the separate line items? Is this thinking logic correct? 


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  • Akhtar.shahbaz

    Hi @neg177 


    Not sure what is your current day line item but you can use directly in the main line item.


    IF ISACTUALVERSION() THEN module/condition for actual ELSE module/condition for forecast

  • Akhtar.shahbaz

    Hi @neg177 


    I am assuming you are using number formatted line item then your formula should not use blank

    For example

    if isactualversion() then 0 else Back Book + Front Book



  • Hi @neg177 


    No need to create two line item one for actual & one for forecast, You can use ISACTUALVERSION() function to write the formula in one line

    IF ISACTUALVERSION() THEN actual module.line item ELSE forecast module.line item



    hope this helps!





  • Great, Thank you 

  • What would go in as my Perameters for the ISACTUALVERSION() function? Would I put in my Boolean Line Actuals Line Item or my Current Day Line Item? 

  •  this is the formula I'm using for my Line Item...

    if isactualversion() then blank else Back Book + Front Book


    If it is a date in my Actuals then I want it to be blank (allow me to put in a value), anything else i want it to put in my Forecast Formula. It is saying that my data format doesn't match None or Number. 

  • This is meaning that I have to have a calculation for my Actuals and can not just input a number? 

  • If you want to have a manual input for Actuals you can use the formula scope option in blueprint view for the line item. Set this to 'All Versions except Actual' and that way your formula will work for all forecast versions but the cells will be blue and editable for the actual version. 


    You won't need the ISACTUALVERSION() part of the furmula if you do this.