Excel extract in attached format


Hi All


I want to take extract from new UX grid in attached excel format. This template has a special requirement of showing cells name which appears in drop down option highlighted in yellow in attached screenshot at top left corner. So when we select a value from drop down it refers to a particular cell in the sheet. 


Do we have option to do configurations in anaplan UI to generate the excel in desired format?



  • Hi @Aniruddha 


    You can't configure exports in this way but have you checked out the Excel add in? This will allow you to set up the excel however you want and refresh the data from Anaplan 

  • @AWhitworth Thanks for your answer.


    I just wanted to be double sure for export configuration on Anaplan which is clear with your response.

    I am trying to install Excel Add in but Visual Studio is not running on my system, which is a pre-requisite to install Excel Add in. Have raised a ticket, Now I will look for configuration through excel add in. Thanks!!