Import Saved view into list


Hi All - I am new to Anaplan and  sure missing something obvious in implementing this use case.

Could you please point me what I am doing wrong


Use case: Create a button in dashboard for admins to add new Regions. As soon as a new region is added it should be saved in a list


Here is what I did


1. Created a module (INP01 Region) with no dimension. It has line items Region code, Region Name, Is Active?, Is New?

2. Created a saved view with a filter on IsNew? boolean to show only newly added region

3. Created a list (L1 Region) to hold all regions that are active and new ones added 


Issue I am facing:


#1: When I try to import saved view into the list, I don't see the line items ( Region code, Region Name, Is Active?, Is New?) in mapping screen. 




Best Answer

  • Anilkumarch

    Hi @RajeshPrabhu if Region is numbered list then you can "Create" action to add items to the "Region" list. Once the items are added then create a module with "Region" list as dimension and add the line items that you mentioned in the module so that admin will update the data in module. Use formula for pulling data from module to "Region" list.


    If the list is not numbered list then follow the same process that you mentioned but only change you need to add is you need to create dummy list with one item and use that list as the dimension in the module that you created.