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Hi All


I am working on 2 subsets of a list where one list subset will be used as page selector in dashboard and other list subset is in row of a module.

List subset A: V1, V2,V3,V4

List subset B: PY, PPY, V1 , V2, V3,V4


On dashboard, I need to show subset A as page selector and subset B in row. If I am selecting V1 in subset A, then it should show values for PY, PPY and V1 in view. If selection in V2 in subset A, then it should show values for PY, PPY and V2 in view and similarly for V3 and V4. 


How can we populate list values in subset B(rows) by selecting a values in subset A(selector). Attached is the screenshot for reference.



  • Hi @Aniruddha as the list A and list B are independent list you cannot directly sync the list B with the selection of list A. If the list A and list B are hierarchy lists then it is possible.


    You can achieve this my creating a line item with list A format and publish it in the dashboard. Apply the filter on the grid(list B) based on the selection in line item(list A) so that you can only show items as mentioned in your statement.

  •  @Anilkumarch Thanks for your answer.


    Yes, these two are hierarchy list, but requirement is to achieve it using list without using line item.


    Do we have something like dynamic appearance of saved views based on selection where for V1 only one view appear where values are for PY, PPY and V1. For V2 selection, second view where values are for PY, PPY and V2 should appear while rest of the views remain disappear.

  • @Aniruddha Could you please provide more details on the relation between the list A and list B.


    Until if the PY & PPY are the child of V1,V2,etc in list B and list A is parent of list B, then only you can achieve this using page selector.


  • @Anilkumarch It is a same list used in grid below and as page selector in attached screenshot(KPI3).


    Node names are published on rows in the grid and it has single line item - Cases Sold on page. When my selection is AOP V1 , I want to display all the nodes except PY, PPY and AOP V1.

    When my selection is AOP V2, then it should show PY, PPY and AOP V2 and similarly for AOP V3, AOP V4  selections. Just to confirm, my page selector is a flat list.

  • @Aniruddha it is not achievable using same list. You need to create another list with List A as parent and add the PY, PPY as childs of each item of AOP V1, AOP V2 ...so on. Now use the new list in the module.


    Is see only this is the way you can achieve this if you want use page selector. Else use line item selection and filter as mentioned previously.