Mule4 with Anaplan Integration


I am using Anaplan connector 3.1.0 and trying to access execute import streaming. I am getting below error. Looks the issue with user credentials.  Any help would be much appreciated? 


Message              : Authentication Failure. If you're unsuccessful after multiple attempts, your account may be locked. If you are using the Anaplan login page, click the 'Forgot Password' link. Otherwise, contact your Anaplan administrator or Anaplan Support.

Element               : anaplan-connector-sub-flow/processors/1 @ anaplan-system-api:implementation.xml:103 (Execute import streaming)


  • Sorry, what integration are you using?
    Anaplan Connect?
  • Hello,


    We are trying to integrate (data migration) HCM (from) and Anaplan (to) using MuleSoft. We are using Anaplan Mulesoft connector 3.1.0. 


    we have received different workspace and model for various datasets import. Is there any correlation of using these workspaces and model for each datasets import.  For example expenditure, revenues,  employees, etc..?


    Also, we are using execute import streaming operation for importing the data. if I use the "others" I am able to import successfully. but not sure how to validate data after successful import?


    Thanks in advance.