Copy same line item value to other/nexdt list item in same module




I have a module with 1 dimension, a list, and 2 line items:

Line Item 1 (boolean)

Line Item 2 (boolean)


I want the Compare line item to populate the same value as Show has but to do so for the next list item in the list.



List: A, B, C.

Then if the line item has Boolean TRUE for A, that should mean Line Item 2 has TRUE for B.


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  • jasonblinn

    @johan.marketoft I think you can still use similar logic to what @rolympia was suggesting.


    In the source module, you can give the line items a code in the blueprint view like this:




    Then you could look it up based on an automated mapping using a formula like: FINDITEM(LISS,Text(Value(Code(Item(LISS)))-1))

    Alternatively, you can just create a manual mapping assuming these line items don't change very frequently.




    From there, once you get your mapping set up, then you can just use the lookup function to get the data where it is supposed to go. 


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  • Consider a line item/property for your list: Previous Member.


    Line Item 2 Formula: 'Line Item 1'[lookup: Previous Member] will get you what you want.

    That being said, the biggest question is how to populate the line item/property Previous Member. You can 1) manually populate it, 2) manipulate your List coding so that it's easy to find the "previous" member. For 2), for a simple coding where list members go 1, 2, 3..., Previous Member = finditem(<LIST., text(value(code(item(<LIST>))) -1)). The bigger point is you have to find some way to create an order for your list. (There's a natural order of course, if you're using a numbered list and you can tease out the #, but this isn't really best practice and has certain risks.)

  • Thanks for answer! Sorry for writing list earlier on, it is actually a LISS, so I can't create properties. Do you have an idea for that? Again sorry for leading you down a bit off track!


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