Reference a value from a module but only from selected part of its list




I have a budget that is dimensioned by the complete charter of accounts, so both sales and costs. I'm in another module now where I want to reference the Budget module to get the SUM value of all its costs. If I take the budget line item straight in it will give me the total of both sales+costs, so I basically only want the value of the subset costs list of the Charter of Account list. I know I can create a new budget module based on a subset to get this done easily but isn't there a more sophisticated solution, i.e. a formula that takes care of this without the need for a new module?


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  • nathan_rudman

    never mentioned LOOKUP.


    you should have a property or a boolean at the lowest level that identifies a cost and use it to drive subsets. Then you can drive off your line item/sum with that property.


    But subset is the way, you should have it anyway to differentiate your cost modules from your revenue calcs modules anyway. If you don't, you should modify your model so, you will gain speed and space.




  • how would a formula know it is sales or costs ?


    Rather than a new module, you cna simply do a line item with a boolean IF COSTS then value else 0 and you sum that one off

  • JLD

    Hi @johan.marketoft,


    As @nathan_rudman says, no need to create a new module for this and his conditional line item will work. 

    Another option is use a subset Costs for the new line item, get straight from the budget line item, then use it to get the sum of the costs.



  • @nathan_rudman my first instinct was to do a LOOKUP for Costs like you said, but that list has multiple list members for cost on its highest level, and module is also on 4 hierarchies down. So how would you deal with that? I don't want to have to LOOKUP 10x different type of parents.


    Cost list top level is basically different OPEX costs, and module I'm in is very detailed.


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  • Sorry meant IF THEN ELSE, not LOOKUP. Thanks!