3.5.5 Distribution Center Summary by Product SKU Page


Can someone help me understand how to filter the grid for this? I've tried using SKU Details - Supplied By, but that doesn't seem to work. Any advice?


Current view:




Trying to get to this view:

Screenshot (51).png


@einas.ibrahim would you be able to help? Thanks!



    Please put a filter ie.  Show where line item > 0



  • Hello @SChua 

    As @Yash1 mentioned, to get the location - such as New York- to show only the related SKUs, you have to filter the saved view for this grid to include only SKUs that have a quantity >0 .

    This is not an Anaplan thing perse, it relates to the way the module was created. You will notice that ALL SKUs appear for every location, yet only one SKU per location have value >0