Importing File No Error but Zero Created Cells


Hello Anaplan Community! I had an issue a few days ago where I imported a data file and everything looked good on importing, no errors were generated but no cells were actually created. When I checked the flat list, there was nothing imported into the list. The excel file was in CSV format and everything was properly updated in excel. Is there a particular reason why Anaplan would show everything is ok but nothing is actually imported? Thank you!


  • Hi, 
    Did you check the mapping of the action during the set-up?

    It might be that nothing was mapped, so nothing was created.
    I am not sure if this would show as an issue during the action execution, but still worth checking.

  • Thank you for the response! Yes I did, about 99% sure it was mapped correctly. Is this the only potential problem or are there others?

  • @john.roesser It would be interesting to know whether you are trying to create a list or load data in a module, from the CSV file.


    Also, when the import is complete, you can check the details which shows how many records were created.



  • @ashish.banka  It was entered into a flat list if that helps at all. Tried it again and got the same message, everything was good but 0s on all categories.

  • @john.roesserCan you confirm you are importing into the List itself? It sounds like you are importing into the Module and expecting list members to be created. You should have two steps:

    1. Load the data file into the List and create the list members themselves

    2. Load the data file into the data Module which will load the data, mapped based on the list members created in Step 1.