Saved views with user list on NUX

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Hi All,


I have the following situation:

Saved view of a module with User as a dimension. During the save of the saved view my account was selected from the Pages (other users were available as well)

When published on the NUX, other admins see my user name in the Pages, it is not synced automatically. 

When another admin resaves the saved view, the NUX page starts showing his/her name by default.

Fortunately, for non-admins this is not an issue as they have access only to their own account in the User's list.

However, testing NUX pages by admins is really cumbersome as the user's list is not updated automatically.


Do you know any potential solution or workaround?


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  • nmatos
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    For anyone else with this same issue, we found the workaround is to utilize a custom view made through the NUX using the same grid. The saved view apparently locks into place the filtered user that last saved the saved view, which admins have access to view.

    Non-admins don't have access to all users, so they will not see this issue. Only Admins that have access to other users in their view will encounter this issue. Not sure if this that will be resolved in a future release.

  • M.Kierepka
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    Hi @chetirski,

    Try setting "Show All Users: Off" in the blueprint for the module that is published - in majority of the cases it solves the problems with Users dimension not syncing properly in the New UX.