Level 2 - - Dimension problem for Import data from Data Hub model to S&C model


Hi all,


I am working on this task from Level 2:


Screenshot 2020-11-29 at 16.14.30.png

I have the following DAT04 module in the Data Hub model which was successfully imported from csv file called Weekly Safety Stock.csv (attached here):


The same module in the S&C model is this:

Screenshot 2020-11-29 at 16.13.50.png

And I can't import the data from DAT04 from the Data Hub model to this one.  It looks like-for-like to me, except I see this warning sign in P3 SKU dimension as per below.  And I presumed this is the reason why I can't import yet:

Screenshot 2020-11-29 at 16.14.02.png

Going to P3 for the S&C model, I have the following:


Which looks just like the P3 from the Data Hub model:


I am not sure why I have an error for this dimension in the DAT04 for the S&C model.  To troubleshoot, I tried to create the same model again in the Data Hub model and S&C model.  I was able to create the model and import data in the Data Hum model, but not in the S&C model (the same situation as the DAT04 of the S&C model with the same dimensional error).  I guess the difference between the two modules is that the first one is an import from the DAT04 from the same module and the other is from a module to another module.  But otherwise, the state of P3 look the same in both of the models...


What am I missing here?   

Best Answer

  • Akhtar.shahbaz

    Hi @kotoponus ,


    Can you check whether selective access is enable on this list or for its parent? In that case also you will get same error

    click on general list to see the selective access  





  • Ahhhhh I got it.  I was looking for another module using the P3 in the S&C model.  It was DEM03 Demand Forcast.


    Earlier when I first checked this module, the dimentions for P3 and Accounts both had the error symbol.  By clicking on the down arrow to see the error message, I saw something about the Selective Access under the Accounts dimension.  

    As a part of earlier activities, we had to modify the access levels.  So, I left the Selective Access for Accounts and other list on.  Just as soon as I remove all the ticks, everything worked.  I am not sure what the implication of removing them for the later tasks, but we shall see.  I can at least move forward with this resolved.

  • HIi, @Akhtar.shahbaz ,

    As per below, I also reached the same conclusion as you.  Many thanks for your time for your pointer which also confirmed the cause of the issue!  🙌