Copying across all rows in New UX page


Hi guys,

Please help me with a method to copy across all rows in a grid when I select a value for the one row in new UX page. I am aware of copy across rows option in modules. But I am not able to replicate the option in new UX page. If anyone know the solution, please do share 🙂


  • Hello @Aravindm ,


    I could not find a functionality for Copy Across or Copy Down in NUX, its only available in Classic UX.
    However, you can populate the cells faster with the following steps:
    Assuming, you want to Copy Down values from top row, all the way to the last row:

    1. Copy the cells that you want to replicate

    2. Scroll down and select by pressing control + shift + V the cell of the same field on the last row (or the 500th row if you only want to copy till the 500th row; 10000 rows is the limit)  
    Very much like Excel, you will see that the values from the original cell got copied into the range of cells.


    Similarly, you can also Copy Across the values from one cell to many cell.


    Hope this is helpful