Would like to know how to make buttons on a Dashboard




I'm trying to create a Dashboard based off one of my Models in Excel and would like to know how to make them button like I have in my Excel Model (Image is attached for ex). I do not want them to be page selectors on my Dashboard. 


Thank you 



  • you can create actions "Open Dashboard" and publish them on your dashboard (in classic)
    Or in the UX make a text/image card and set a link on it
  • Just want to make sure I understand fully. Theses will be from my Flat File Downloads and after I download them I go to Actions and publish them to my Dashboard, correct? 

  • @neg177 

    Yes, if you are loading in a flat file into Anaplan, once you create the load action, you are able to then take that action and publish it to a dashboard. I would recommend you put the action into a process before publishing to a dashboard, in case you ever need to add anything to the process you wouldn't have to update the whole dashboard with the new process as well.


    @nathan_rudman's point was more around if you are navigating dashboard to dashboard within the model, you are also able to push navigation buttons to help take you to another dashboard without using the contents panel. Or link to other pages if you are using the NUX.