Add Revision Tag option disabled.

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I have a model in Standard Mode, I need to create a revision tag but I see that revision tag option is disabled. Can someone suggest the possible reasons for the same as well as any workaround for the same? Is there a limit on the number of revision tags that can be created in a model?


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  • Misbah
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    There was an update off lately about Switchover - Changing the switchover date is  not considered to be a Structural Change. 

    On Time Setting what changes did you make exactly? If it is Current Period then that too is not Structural Change.


  • @aakash 


    The only reason I can think of is that you may not have made any Structural Change Since Last Revision Tag within the model. To Test it create a dummy module and see if the revision tag options gets enabled



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    Thanks for the quick response, I have checked changing switchover and changing model Time Settings , still the option is disabled.

  • Thanks @Misbah ,  I wasn't aware of the change. That is actually great, solves a lot of things.