quarterly snapshot


numbers will be uploaded quarterly but in YTD figure, I need to plot the quarterly numbers.


Q1 YTD will be imported in Q1 and I need to save it in my Q1 column

Q2 YTD will be imported in Q2 containing both Q1 and Q2 numbers, I need to retain the Q1 above and get the number/result for Q2. By this time, columns for Q1 and Q2 will have values.

then Q3 and then Q4..so on..


I only thought of copying the line item (YTD) to another line item (snapshot), I think there would be a better solution on this one. Thanks!



  • Hi,

    You may be able to use the 'Ask each time import is run' functionality within the import settings for the Time Mapping to identify which Quarter to import the YTD value to.

  • @SarahE 


    Can you fix it so the source data only has the quarter you need?  That will be the easiest solution.