Parallel hierarchical lists


Hi all, could you help me how best to structure a parallel hierarchy list that we need as part of our ongoing business analysis. Here's the construct that I'm looking at.

At the bottom level we have Clients that we need to be able to aggregate by different attributes. These attributes are:

Client: Client 1, Client 2..... Client 10

Geography: Geo 1, Geo 2

Model: Model 1, Model 2

Category: Category 1, Category 2, Category 3

Status: Status 1, Status 2

I thought about creating flat lists with all of the above, but the issue is that with multiple parents for the same item (i.e. Clients), I can't get auto aggregation at various levels. Would greatly appreciate if someone could advise on the best way to get this done.


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  • @nishantgarg 


    We might need a little more information in order to help.  A couple of questions:

    • does everything have to be in a hierarchy or list?
    • How are those attributes related to the clients?
    • can the clients span multiple categories, models, statuses, geographies?


    Based off the information, I would create a composite list of what you know to be the standard with the attributes in line items in a SYS module, formatted as lists.  Then, you can can do different types of Sums off those attributes to get the aggregations needed.



  • Hi @rob_marshall 

    I would prefer everything to be in a hierarchy but would seek your thoughts as to what’s possible. 

    Each client belongs to 1 geography, 1 model,1 category and has 1 status. So there’s no one to many relationship with any single attribute.

    For example, Client A will belong to:

    Geography: US

    Model: Classic

    Category: Mall

    Status: Existing


    I need to be able to sum by US so that all US tenants would be aggregated, or sum by category so that all Mall tenants are aggregated, etc. 


    When the hierarchical list is used as a dimension, the aggregation can happen automatically for the summary levels but here the problem is that there are multiple parents for the Clients. 



  • @nishantgarg 


    Is this for a reporting requirement like for a dashboard or page? Something like this where you can choose what you want to sum on and then it displays the results?






    Or am I overcomplicating it?





    If so, you can create a list, as you have it, but then create a SYS module with line items detailing the parents.