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  • HI Sales Enthusiasts! Well, I find it rather ironic that I've taken such a strong interest in this topic. As it is, my entire career someone else has always managed the sales aspect whether that's for retail, wholesale, or e-commerce. Now, as an Anaplan implementer, I find I need to be more versed as there are many sales related use cases that seem to show up regularly.

    My passion for the retail industry traces back to my high school days when I sold cinnamon toothpicks to my classmates. After being introduced to retail planning solutions a merchandise planning manager at Target Stores, I've been on a personal journey ever since to help planners reach their potential. 

    I love spending my time helping the retail industry become more familiar with Anaplan as a solution to many of their planning challenges. On the off hours, you can find me savoring moments with my family and picking away at my 1964 3/4 C.F. Martin classical guitar. 

    Glad to be part of this terrific group!


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