The Official Master Anaplanner Program

The Master Anaplanner Certification is the highest technical certification level in our ecosystem. Certified Master Anaplanners are tenaciously breaking down silos in organizations by evangelizing Anaplan’s Platform to achieve Connected Planning. They are the top 1% of our ecosystem and are thought leaders who combine industry knowledge with technical expertise to lead transformations in businesses.

They are the planning experts who leverage Anaplan’s technology to find the best solution for any business problem, always innovating ways to bring scale and collaboration across organizations to drive more efficient and accurate business planning. With Anaplan at the core, they aren’t afraid to take on complex challenges to develop and make your Honeycomb™️ a reality.

Certified Master Anaplanners are eagerly promoting best practices and sharing insight on their Anaplan journeys. You can see them presenting at CPX (our annual user conference), leading discussions in Groups, and providing solutions in the Community

Pictured left: Brittany Deaton (2019 Master Anaplanner of the Year) With Frank Calderoni and Simon Tucker

Anaplan rewards our Certified Master Anaplanners. For example, Certified Master Anaplanners join an exclusive network of like-minded experts in the private Master Anaplanner user group, and regularly receive public recognition and Master Anaplanner-branded swag throughout the year. They wear the Master Anaplanner Trophy with pride; it’s difficult to miss them!

After passing a competitive qualification process, Certified Master Anaplanners are expected to keep up-to-date with their training and contributions in the Community annually to maintain their certification. The Master Anaplanner Program will continue to evolve and support a strong and thriving ecosystem of model builders and Anaplan champions.

Certified Master Anaplanner Spotlights

What is a Certified Master Anaplanner?

Why attend CPX as a Certified Master Anaplanner

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