Refresh failed due to an unexpected error - Excel Add in reports for some of the users.




There are some Financial reports that has been created using Excel add in functionality. Some users are having issues while refreshing it and getting error message. Whereas others are fine with it. A few users are getting this error for some of the reports, but they are able to refresh other add in reports. Could anyone guide on this and suggest like what might be the reason for only a few users getting Refresh failure error only for some reports. What requirements/areas is needed to be checked here.





  • Hi,


    Thank you for your message and I am sorry to read you are experiencing issues.


    I haven't seen this scenario before so I would recommend contacting Anaplan Support. Tip: use the "email support" functionality under "add-in help" in 4.0/4.1 to send your email as it will pre-populate technical information and questions to facilitate the handling of your ticket.

  • Hello, piggybacking on this old thread to share my experience from today.

    The error "Refresh failed due to an unexpected error" will display if the user does not have permission to read a module that is used as a filter in the saved view.