Move list item to new list hierarchy based on date trigger



I need to be able to move employees from one department to another based on a input date selected.



L1 Department

L2 Employee


So the employee in L2 should in other words move to a different parent, L1 Department, on the date that is selected. Is the best way to go to create boolean IF date passed then import same person to new hierarchy and right after delete same person in old hierarchy?


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  • @johan.marketoft 

    The ability to reassign an employee to a different department/cost centre/entity etc is complicated by their inclusion within a hierarchy. 

    Where I have used a hierarchy I have used a form in the UX to create a new list item and within the form allocated it to a new parent. By creating a start date and end date property in the employee list you can effectively deactivate the old employee record and activate the new record when creating the new list item. Just ensure that you include start date as a field in the form. 

    I do not recommend deleting the old record as you will loose all history relevant to it. Instead deactivate it use the end date property when calculating the downstream costs.


    I have also used a different approach where I did not include the employee list within a hierarchy but instead created a properties module dimensioned by employee, time and versions. In such a module you can map properties against each record and use this mapping in your calculations. By adopting this approach you do not need to run any actions as there is no need to create multiple records when an employee moves within the organisation. 

    If you are interested in hearing more about this approach please let me know and I can go into further detail.

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