Data Import for DATA01 LEVEL 1


Here are my screenshots. I followed the instructions but my result looks like this, see first screenshot. What am I doing wrong? Please help


outputoutputreport says no failurereport says no failureversion has forecastversion has forecastThe set upThe set up

Best Answer

  • filip.sypniewski

    Hi @JosephA,

    it seems your results are correct, well done!

    Since it is data module, consider setting your summary method to 'None' instead of 'Sum'. This will decrease the size of your module. 



  • Hi @JosephA ,


    I am not sure what's your question but from screenshot it seems you are asking about your Forecast version mapping . If that the case then you are uploading data for only Actual & Budget & in your Source file you don't have Forecast version that's why it is not mapped. 


    Another point which I have noticed that in your module DATA01 P&L Actual & Budget, your summary is SUM , should be None as it is data module.




  • Thanks!!