Learning center is unavailable :-(


Hi Noelle,


I am getting below message when I clicked on learning center.


When I read the FAQ regarding downtime last week, it was mentioned there wont be any impact with the portal. But now we are getting this message.

Being weekend, I would be only get good time to progress my learning. As deadline is coming to end, So curious to know would be there any extension for course completion.



Basavaraj Goni


  • Hello Basavaraj, 


    Nice to hear from you. Yes, the Learning Center is down. This was a planned outage for a system upgrade. We had announced this outage in the Learning Center every day leading up to it for 60 days. 


    I will try to see if I can assist somehow. Can you let me know what Sprint you are on?


    Thank you, 



  • Hi Noelle,


    Thank you for the response. I am at last section of Sprint 2. I think it is summary section.



    Basavaraj Goni