how to know the dataflow in Anaplan


Hi ,


I am new to Anaplan. Please  help me with the below queries


1.I need to know how is the dataflow in Anaplan happening. 

2.When should I make changes in Spoke model and when should I do changes in Datahub.?




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  • GONI
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    Please check the 'The Anaplan Way' course from Academy session, which would answer 1st question.

    And if you complete Level 2 session, 2nd question would be answered. 




  • kathleenseiler

    Hi @mmmarto , I would definitely recommend @GONI 's points about reading the Anaplan Way, it really is super helpful in learning about the basics of Anaplan!!

    Here are some general notes around when to make changes in the Data Hub vs Spoke Model:

    • Data Hub (essentially data only- no logic)
      • Used for loading the data
      • Should only contain flat lists (no hierarchies)
      • Only flat data sets
      • Light transformation logic (i.e. date is formatted as Text for file load but then translates to a real Anaplan Date format)
    • Spoke Model (all inputs, logic, reporting)
      • Creation of hierarchies
      • Import flat data to dimensionalized module or flat
      • Contains all model logic, reporting, inputs