Long Range Planning based on specific months from FY




My client is asking to be able to select specific FY21 months and based on the average of those 1-12 months selected populate FY22 and FY23. I have created a module without time dimension that has apart from the "Cost Input" numbered list the following line items:

Start (format Month)

End (format Month)

No. of Months (format Number)

Amount (format Number)


My ambition is to now get a formula going in Amount to take the average of all months from start to end selected. So if the user selects Jun 20 and Aug 20 we shuld get the average of Jun 20 + Jul 20 + Aug 20, and then take that value for all FY22 and FY23.


Also open to suggestions how to do this kind of planning.


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  • rob_marshall



    There are a couple of ways you can do this, but the best way is to use the function TimeSum() in the second module where you can use Average as the last parameter.  Also, i would suggest reviewing the Anaplan Live Function vs Function video (about 10 minutes) where Mark Warren and I "battle" over which function is better, TimeSum or MovingSum.


    The video should come out on Wednesday.