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Is it possible to lock certain versions? My customer wants to take their budget version and copy it to another version called Re-Forecast 1, and then "lock" this version in Anaplan so that no one can change it. The problem as I see it is that I have plenty of modules that have versions and should be editable.


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  • @johan.marketoft 


    There are a couple of ways to do this:


    When you create the version, make is so it is read only




    Change the Edit To and Edit From:



    Or use DCA with Read only for that particular version.




  • @rob_marshall @johan.marketoft 

    I agree with Rob's options here.


    My only other comment is if the version already exists, you can easily change write access by going into Roles -> Versions and changing the version from "Write" to "Read" for all of the roles.


    You will want to make sure the team is aware that anyone with FULL ACCESS (i.e. you) will still have the ability to change the data in the "locked" version. By changing the Read/Write access to the version by role, you cannot adjust the Full Access role read/write to each version. With DCA, it is a little more flexible in that you can ensure it applies to every user regardless of role, but it can be a bit more time consuming to implement as it will need to be applied individually to every module as opposed to the version level where it is a wholesale approach.