New UX : Year selector to sync the Monthly view




How can we publish Year only as the page selector in new UX to synchronize the monthly view?





  • Hi @tompatrick.ting ,


    You can use the 'Show / Hide' , in the context selector to open a menu of options. And then, you can choose to switch off 'Time (Details)'.

    Below are the screenshots which might help you!






  • @Vinay VaradarajM, thanks for replying. I don't have that option in our time dimension. Please advise what I am missing. 




  • @tompatrick.ting 


    Go back One more step until you reach the module views (custom module View in NUX). There you can show/hide your levels. However keep one thing in mind that once you use "Show/Hide" option hierarchy sync doesn't work.

  • Thanks @Misbah ,

    Its really not showing on my page. Instead, i decided to create a module for year selector and applied the filter to show the monthly phasing.

  • Hi @tompatrick.ting ,


    The reason you do not see 'Show / Hide' is, if you do not have Time dimension in your Page/Context selectors in the Pivot.

    - In such cases, you can adjust your pivot to have Time dimension in context selector, which will enable the 'Show / Hide'

    - Then, you can choose to disable the Time(Details) to only show years

    - And then, again return back to your required pivot (where you wanted Time to be showing as Columns possibly), and publish it


    This should help!


  • @tompatrick.ting 

    If you would like to show months in the table and allow the user to filter the view by selecting only a year then you need to create a module filter using a time property module.

    The hierarchy filters which you have enabled can not be filtered to only show the parent as @Misbah has suggested.

    Create a flat filter selector module with a time period formatted line item. Change this to years and publish to the relevant page using a field card. 

    In a time properties module set to months create a line item called FY and format this as year time period. Use the following formula to set this as the financial year for the respective month.


    Create a new line item called year filter. Format this as boolean. Use the following formula to check all those months whose FY matches the filter selector module.

    =Time Properties Month.FY = Year Filter Selector.FY

    Use this filter line to filter your table in the UX.