Anaplan Power BI Connector - One Tenant?


Hi Anaplanners. I'm really enjoying the new Power BI connector but I'm having trouble accessing all the tenants I have access to. For some reason only one shows up. Does anyone know why this might be? @MagaliP I know connectors is out of the extension universe but maybe you know someone I can work with?

I'm using the Power BI Desktop November 2020. Plenty of export actions in other tenants too, so I'm not sure why they don't show up.


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  • @rob_marshall @yookwi_hwang @MagaliP @jasonblinn @jnoone 

    As always, thank you for the quick response. Looks like I'll need to stick with the default tenant.  I assume that if I change the default tenant away from Columbus Consulting then they will no longer get credit as a partner for my work, so that's not really an option. I might also try adding a new email to my COE to see if that works.

    The good news is that this connector works out of the box ( @jnoone reported an issue with having to use an MEZ file?) - Been running some unbelievable visualizations out of Power BI from data within Anaplan. To be honest, New UX has most of what I need but when I need to combine data that's in the data lake (not in Anaplan) it's a lot easier from Power BI. Hopefully, there will be a way to use a CA certificate at some point, but one step at at time!

    Thanks for a great new tool, brilliant work!!



  • Thanks @jnoone I gave it my upvote! For now, I just created a new email and added it to the tenant I want. Works fine as a workaround but can only work with one tenant at a time.