Splitting of list elements from list into line items

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We are facing a difficulty in splitting months from the list drop down in New Period(Quarter) into its corresponding M1, M2 …..M5 line items.



STEP 1:  We are selecting the length of the period from New Period(Quarter) line item say 3 months.



STEP 2: After selecting the New Period(Quarter) user has to select the first month from the M1 line item drop down. Since we have selected 3 Months in New Period (Quarter), the months needs to split in M1, M2 and M3 line item. Similarly, if we select for 4 Months in New Period (Quarter), the months needs to split in M1, M2, M3 and M4 line item.

Kindly let us know the options to achieve this functionality. Thanks in Advance.




  • @sujeethkumar Create a subset in the list and update it using the selection in Step 1. Use the subset as the format of the line items.

  • Hi sujeethkumar,
    If I am understanding the ask correctly, the user identifies the length of the period as well as M1 and you would like the rest of the 'M' fields to autopopulate.
    If this is the case, all you need to do is right a formula for M2-M5 that references M1.
    For example, M2 formula would just be M1+1 and M3 formula would be M1+2.
    You can add in additional logic into the formula that looks at the LEFT(New Period (Quarter) ,1) which should result in the number of months within the period.