Reset Continuous Serial Numbers using Rank formula from one Module to Another


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I basically want to Reset Serial Numbers in Ascending Order using Rank Formula from the last number (from one module) and start over with the next number (in another module), for example:-


In the "ABC" Module, I used the Rank formula:- TEXT(RANK(1, ASCENDING, SEQUENTIAL, Country = Country ZBB.US)) which ended up with the number 18236. Now, in the Module "XYZ", I want to start with the number 18237, please suggest how to reset it, the purpose of doing this is to Export data from both the Modules together into the third Module "123" where I have my non-Numbered List to pull and align the data from both the Modules.


Kindly share your expertise on how to do it.


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  • Hi @Ishan ,


    You can identify the maximum value from the module ABC (which is 18236 in your example), then add this number to your Rank expression in the module XYZ (the result for 1st entry in XYZ will be 18236 + 1 = 18237). In this way, the Rank values in module XYZ will always add the last number from your module ABC, to give you continuous values.

    Hope this helps!

  • Thank you so much for the response Vinayvm!!
    But for MAX, we must need atleast 2 arguments (and we have just one, in this case), also Dimensions used in both the Modules are also different, please suggest!!

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  • Hi @Ishan ,


    You can identify the Maximum value by using Summary method of Max, if there is no other alternative. This should work even if the dimensionality is different.




  • @Ishan 


    I know I am late to the party, but let me ask a question:  why are you exporting the data from 2 modules and then putting them back into a 3rd module?  Does the 3rd module share dimensionality of the first two?  What will the 3rd module contain and be used for?  In all honesty, you probably shouldn't be using this "row count" for a list and instead use a unique key that is auditable.