Issue: Data Labels missing in New UX Charts

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I am currently facing an issue on some of our implementations on the New UX where data labels are missing in the charts when the numbers are close to each other.

While it is just a minor visualization issue, I've received feedback from some of the clients that they hope this is something that could be addressed.


Other than enlarging the card to an unaesthetic size, is there any other known workarounds or if this something that can be fixed?






Thanks for anyone's time & help!


  • rob_marshall
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    Have you reported this to support yet as I am betting you are not the only one with this issue.



  • eang92
    edited December 2022


    I've recently submitted a support ticket and will post the reply here once i've got it!

  • shadmani
    edited December 2022

    Hi @eang92  possible to  share link for the ticket . I am also facing this issue .

    Thanks !!

  • eang92
    edited December 2022

    Hey @shadmani 


    While I'm not too sure how to link the ticket to you, perhaps i could share with you the case number instead?

    It is 00330558


    Hope that helps!!

  • shadmani
    edited December 2022

    Hi @eang92 Thanks for your reply .

    Want to share the ticket with my client .

    Thanks again.

  • DeveloperCYT
    edited December 2022

    Same trouble...any news on an update?




  • juliusv
    edited December 2022

    Any update on this ? For me some of the data labels are still missing...