Hi! I’m on the REP modules and I am starting to enter the formulas in for REP02 Size Margin.


I entered the first formula for Revenue and this popped up on my screen 

It says “Dimension of mapping used for aggregation doesn’t match any dimension of the source”

does anyone know what to do?


  • Hi Maria, 

    I always recommend that you compare your model to the finished L1 model that you download at the beginning of level 1. Don't necessarily focus on the data you are seeing but instead the structure of how the module has been built. 


    This should help you figure out what some errors could be. When I look at your model the first thing I notice is that you have not updated the Summary. I would start with Rep01, review the training activities, and update the things you missed. Then try the formula. 


    Hope this helps. 



  • hi so i have two questions, first what was the name of the example model? i dont think i downloaded it.  Second, I just reviewed the training and I didnt see anything for summary for REP01, I see a "SUM" for REP02.

  • Okay so I found an example model and I have looked through that compared to both my REP01 and REP02 but my formula for REP02 still will not work for Revenue and Cost of sales.  It says "Dimension of mapping used for aggregation doesn't match any dimension of the source" which I am confused by this because my dimension is the same as the example model.