Issue: Cannot see more of large lists (using page selector or list dropdown)


In classic, users can open a list and when the list is too large to show all of the items at once, the user can select "More choices". This option appears not to exist in the New UX. Lists in both the Page Selector and a list dropdown cut off at a certain # of list items and users do not have the option to select "More choices", which prevents users from accessing all information. See attached images for details. 


Unfortunately, this is a roadblock for our clients in transitioning into the New UX. So if anyone has any guidance we'd appreciate assistance! 


  • How many list members do you need to show?? In classic, it would show up to 200 before the "show more" feature would be displayed. In NUX I am not aware of a limit, but I just tested it and it is well over 10k. In my experience, if a list is that long it is not feasible to scroll to select an item anyway, and using the search function to start shortlisting the results would be the desired approach. In addition to that, could you use Selective access to cut down on the number of items there are to choose from, and or a dependent drop down to filter out some of the options? 



  • It's 9 levels of a 10 level hierarchy for a large client, there's about 9k list items. Users with access at the L3 level need the ability to start an approval process that move list items at the L10 level between L9s. 

    We use dependent dropdowns in the classic, plan was to transition this to the New UX with the same functionality. Same problem exists for dependent dropdowns - you cannot select "More options" if you want to select additional list items. 

  • I have tried to replicate this, but have been unsuccessful. I re-created a 10 level hierarchy that has 15k list items, and I can see all of the items in both a drop-down in a line item and as a context selector.


    At no point does it display the "Show More" feature, but it just displays the entire list from the beginning. 


    The "show more" feature does work in NUX if you specify that you want to use it to select something outside of the dependency by checking "Allow access to unfiltered items" in a dependent dropdown, but unless that is checked, by default, it should just show all members of the list once the drop-down/context selector has been activated.





  • I'm having this issue as well but for load time. some users with small connections have issues loading the long lists
  • Interesting, maybe I'm missing a setting in the New UX. We have the dependent dropdown set up as you have described below with "Allow access to unfiltered items" checked. As you can see in the pictures attached, the list is formatted as "Dependent", "Selective access" and "Allow access to unfiltered items". Also in the attached screenshots you will see that in classic users can select "Show all" but in New UX they cannot.