Populating list subset based on a Boolean from a specific version of a module



I need to update my hierarchical list subset from a module with versions.
I have a module dimensioned with my list and a saved view in forecast version with a Boolean formatted line item (already populated and true for several items) based on which I need to update my list subset using action but I couldn't find my way around to ignore other versions (e.g. Actual & Budget) in play.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Best Answer

  • nathan_rudman

    Two ways:

    - you can simply "Show" that version that you want if it is never going to change (actuals, latest forecast)

    - create a mapping module with version and a boolean "Export this version for xxx" > filter versions in your export view using that mapping module > save the view


    second solution means any user you want is able to update what the view is exporting from a dashboard