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I am very new to data integration and trying to start explore this subject thanks to CloudWorks.


On the CloudWorks Anapedia page, it is mentioned that it is only possible to have 25 integrations per Tenant. I am not sure what it does actually mean. Does it mean that one tenant can only use 25 import/export "Actions" in the whole workspace ?!


Thanks for the help.  


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  • JaredDolich


    That is correct. If you want more than 25 "actions" - you can't integrate processes - you will have to purchase the additional usage.

    Here's some more notes I took from a demonstration I saw recently. Some good nuggets...

    • Getting things set up with AWS permissions is the time consuming part.
    • Name files with .csv
    • Export and Import file names have to be different
    • Integrations are likely to be numerous so naming convention is important
    • 25 integration limit without paying for the expansion
    • No processes can be run, only actions
    • cannot do model to model yet
    • Integrations can be scheduled but once scheduled you cannot run it manually


  • Thank you @JaredDolich for your help !

  • From a discussion with anaplan, the 25 integration limit is reached when using the cloudworks ui, yet this could be bypassed by running the api itself.


    As anyone tried this yet ?


    What is meant by "expansion" costing more ? Do you mean you have to buy an additional tenant ?

  • @david.savarin 

    Definitely you can always use the API natively. There's no limit there.

    The 25 limit is part of the Beta release. My understanding is that if you want to "expand" that to a higher number, you'll need to pay an additional cost. Sorry, that was a little confusing. I think that's why they don't allow processes since you can effectively put as many actions in them as  you want.

  • To make things clearer, I was referring to the cloudworks api, not the bulk api.

    I wonder if anyone tested that the cloudworks api hasnt the same limit as its ui alter-ego

  • Brilliant @AnnaM these three changes make a HUGE difference. Thank you!

  • Very excited about this functionality as I think the native scheduler will be huge win for business led integrations.  Will look forward to watching this evolve and grow over time!

  • Huge thanks for the model to those 3 major upgrades from a business point of view it adds a lot to the use cases