Collect with Sum - An Error has occured on the server




I got a collect with sum problem.


Source module (Before creating the line item for Collect):

Dimensions: Time, Department

Line item: Cost1, Cost2 (Number format)


Target module:

Dimensions: Time, Department, Charter of Accounts

Line item: Cost (Number format)


In order to get the costs from the source module I've created a LISS of Cost1 and Cost2 and created an additional line item called Collect that picks them up in the source module. This collect line item has same dimensions plus the LISS.


I have a Mapping Module dimensioned by this Charter of Accounts, to which I have added a line item and formatted it with this LISS, and selected where I want the LISS items (Cost1 and Cost2) to map to in the Charter of Accounts.


I am now trying the below formula in the Target module for the Cost line item:

Source Module.Collect()[SUM:Mapping Module.LISS]


I get below error message:

An error has occurred on the server. The model has been restored to its state prior to the last submission.
Does anyone know why I'm getting this message? Anaplan seems to be working in general with other work I'm doing at the moment.
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Best Answer

  • nikolay_denisov


    I think there is a problem with Mapping module. You should try to do mapping vice-versa LISS as Dimension and List Chart of ACC as list-formatted line item.

    Source: Dimension by LISS


    Target: Chart of Acc (CoA)


    Mapping rule: Aggregate LISS to CoA => SUM by COA needed


  • @johan.marketoft 

    I wish it was possible to combine functions with the COLLECT() function, but that isn't available yet.

    You'll need to break that line item into two. I may have to study this a bit more, but it looks like you may have to COLLECT() at a lower dimension, then SUM. So you may need a calculation module (interim module). From what I can tell you can just use a structured hierarchy to get the aggregate value. But, I may need to see more details to be certain.

    In any event, the reason you get this error is that you are combining the SUM to COLLECT which Anaplan doesn't yet allow.