Importing from a module into Users


I am trying to import from a module into users. There is one field in the module for a particular user that we are trying to bring in multiple values in the list selected. We are using the "text" format to enter the two different values in that list because we can't select multiple values in a list when it is in the "list" format. However, when we import into the users, this particular field causes an error. I've tried multiple things like removing the comma, removing the space, but it doesn't seem to work. 


When I leave the field as text and have only one value in the list, it works, but when I use multiple, it throws an error. 


For example, the items in this field are currently as format of text, and are name -- "A, B" - am I doing it wrong? I tried removing the space, doesn't work. I tried removing the comma, still doesn't work.


Would love to get any thoughts/advice. 


  • @pchandalia 


    Out of curiosity, what are those two text values representing?  Ideally, those should be list formatted and, as you correctly stated, you can't enter multiple values in a list formatted line item, you should maybe think of dimensionalizing that module by that list.  So, if A, B are really products from the Product List, dimensionalize the module by Product and Users.  It will be bigger, but you are getting rid of a) text values which helps with performance and b) it will be easier to get this information out of the module.



  • @rob_marshall  in this instance we are trying to set up role switching for for an FP&A Planner that has a non-standard responsibility.  What we are attempting to do is set up a process that the end user can run to change their role and the associated selective access properties in the User screen.

    1. Select role in a user specific module
    2. Import top level of selective access Hierarchy into associated none property in the User List.
    3. Import role and associated Selective access properties
    4. Impor blank to clear the role selected in the user specific model

    Selective access is set at the Cost Center (L1-L5) and Region or Entity (L1-L2).  Cost Centers are not specific to an Entity - e.g. the 00001 Real estate cost center spans all entities. This planner has a specific responsibility for planning real estate, and there are specific real estate costs that are budgeted outside of the real estate cost center driving the need for access to multiple cost centers (not ideal, but this is how the business and GL works instead of using an allocation).  The Real Estate Planner role is easily switched to as the modules to plan real estate are specific, and can be isolated to that role without giving it access to the normal broader planning/reporting modules when All Regions, and All Cost Centers are set for it.

    The problem occurs when switching back to the standard role for this planner as they have access to All Regions (not an issue), a functional vertical in the Cost Center L1 (not an Issue) and multiple cost centers outside the functional vertical assigned at the lowest L5 level.

    So the text values represent the two cost centers that need to be assigned at the L5 level - which can be manually selected on the Users screen, but seem to not be possible from an import perspective.  Is this possible?

  • @ujourney 


    I am glad I asked because you will have a couple of issues with they way you are attempting to do it:

    • end users, or folks without WSA will not be able to run this process (to import into Users).  This is only allowed for WSA
    • when you import into a selective access "column", as in a user has access to Cost Center 3 and Cost Center 4, you can't use the comma, but actually have to have the module dimenisionalized by Cost Center.  

    If my memory serves me, i think I created a post on how do this...Let me try to find it and if I do, I will post it in here.



  • @ujourney 


    I couldn't find my post, will still look for it, but did find this that might help:




  • @rob_marshall  Thanks Rob!  I remember watching this some time ago, and the dimensionalized by CC comment makes sense.  It was a good refresher, and we can at least automate the active/inactive employee access portion. 

    We won't be able to enable the end user to change their own role since all would be non WSA even in the limited way I was considering manually from a NUX page or classic dashboard. 

    QQ would be possible - or have you heard of anyone using send mail or any other means for to kick of a Connect or Python script, or ETL (currently using Mulesoft) to use the integration user to kick off the action? Would prefer not to use something like ETL constantly checking for a boolean to kick off a process. Trying to consider all options though so would love any thoughts you might have on the matter.  Thanks again.

  • @ujourney 


    I can't speak to Mulesoft or our other ETL providers to do it on demand, but you could have a scheduler (in theory) that kicks off every 15 minutes.  What i have seen in the past, if a file is dropped to a folder, you have a listener (it basically pings to see if a file is there) and if a file is there, it continues with the process of importing it.  If no file is there, then the process exits out.



  • Awesome, thanks Rob!