Parent names for a numbered list in ragged hierarchy


Hi Community,


We have Ragged Hierarchy where list members are more than 60 characters each having different codes but have similar names. If we go for numbered list we cant add display name property for parents and if we go for normal list then duplicates are there and list members are also having more than 60 characters. Can anyone suggest how to fix it.






  • @gaurav,

    Quick question. Why can't we go for 2 different lists (One for Parent and another one for Child)? Creating a composite hierarchy would solve your problem.

  • @kavinkumar 


    We have proposed Balanced Hierarchy to the customer but they wants to have Ragged Hierarchy.




  • if you do a two level composite hierarchy, with the lvl 1 being all the parent and lvl 2 all the leaf, as suggested by kavinkumar, you get a bit of both worlds. But that only solve your problem if no parent has more than 60 char, which is unlikely.

    If you want to keep the ragged, the only solution is to shorten the names prior to put them in the list (in a data hub typically).

    Else there is probably a way to have a technical composite hierarchy where you define the display names and map that to your ragged on to have a dynamic multi level display name. we can dig into that if you want

  • @nathan_rudman 


    Hi Nathan,


    I exactly didn't understand the last line, like to have technical composite hierarchy where we define the display names and map that to our ragged one to have a dynamic multi level display name. Please let me know if we can connect on this.