Old UX - Update parent selection based on child selection


Been searching the forum but cannot find a good answer to this challenge.

In the old UX, we have dashboards with e.g. two modules where one applies Level 2 (e.g. department) of a hierarchy as a dimension whereas the other applies Level 3 (e.g. employee) of the same hierarchy as a dimension. What we want to achieve is that when we change the Level 3 selection, the two modules should update so that they show the selected Level 3 item, and the corresponding Level 2 parent item. The synchronized paging works fine when all modules and graphs are on the same hierarchy level but we cannot find a simple way to update the Level 2 based module based on the Level 3 selection.
We can of course create a boolean in filter module with Level 3 items, update the parent based on this, and apply result as filter for both modules in the dashboard but better if we could just sync both by clicking on the Level 3 item.



  • @hgrosen 

    Synchronisation operates with page selectors and will update whenever a list item displayed in a separate grid containing a linked hierarchy is selected. 



    If the dimension is a row or column in the grid you will need to use a filter to display the required list items for both modules. 

    With a filter you will need to create a filter module for both grids and a selector in the form of a pick list formatted line item. Apply these filters to both modules.


    In my example I have assumed that the Level 2 module contains data which has different dimensions and can not be added to the Level 3 module and displayed as the sum of Level 2.  


    Good luck, Chris 

  • @ChrisAHeathcote 


    The page filter sync will not work for both levels simultaneously when selecting a level 3 item so will play a bit more with the filter module approach as you suggested.


    Thanks Chris!

  • @hgrosen 

    As I say the synch will only work for page/context selectors.


    If you select an item from the page/context selector the module dimensioned by the lower lever will not automatically sort to show items with that parent.


    Your only option if you would like level 2 and level 3 to update is to filter on the level three list.