Level 2 - Sprint 3 - Activity 3.4.4 Exceptions Review UX Page


Level 2 Sprint 3 Activity 3.4.4 Exceptions Review UX Page.PNGHi All,


Need help with Exception Review UX Page build query - The third grid in the page is based on Module INV01 Inventory Ordering.

Problem I see is, it does not sync with Region context selector in the UX (Country and Region dimension not in this module).  

I thought of applying a country filter perhaps, but how do I back capture the region selection by the user on the Ux Page?  I can do similar to month filter used in other UX page report but, that changes the design spec provided by Solution Architect?  Attaching screenshot, Region selected Europe but 3rd grid also shows SKUs for Japan and India...

Please advise!!




  • I've managed to make this work now.  Created a new staging module with P3 sku, G2 country and Exception line item.  It does not say in the spec that we can't create a staging module, so hoping this is ok to do this.

  • were you able to sync all? thanks