Issue: Line Item Names does not match between the NUX and the Model Itself

I am currently facing an issue on the information being displayed on the New UX where the name of the line item being displayed is different than what is shown on the model itself.

Has anyone faced a similar problem before and if so, what was the fix that worked for you?




Thanks for anyone's time and help!


  • @eang92 


    Can you please make sure your board is connected to the correct environment (Dev or Prod) as well as making sure the blueprint of the module is the same.



  • Hey @rob_marshall , Thank you for getting back to me. I can confirm that it is connected to the right environment as well as the blueprint of the module is the same. I am currently using a saved view to publish the grid on the new ux

  • @eang92 


    Are you using a custom view or a model view?  If you are using a custom view, try adding a new line item to the module to see if shows up correctly.  If you are using a module view, try adding the new line item to the view itself and see if it shows up in the UX. 


    To be honest, the only time I have seen this is when I click on the wrong module since Anaplan can't change names of line items.