Format Date in the New UX is different from the model one


Hi everyone,


I am a french builder, building a model for a french customer, and on the model (or old UX), the date format is dd/mm/yyyy.


On the New UX the format seems to be the same (dd/mm/yyyy), except that when entering the calendar it's in english, where it was in french in the old UX. So far that's not a real problem.


However, when entering manually a date, without passing by the calendar, it is entered as the american date format mm/dd/yyyy, thus entering the wrong date, 21/12/2021 becoming 2001-02-01 for some reason (guess it's a bug since 21 is supposed to be a month so <= 12).

Capture d’écran 2020-12-21 à 19.08.29.png

Here's an example, you can see below the date 21/12/2020, (21 st of December 2020)  selected via the calendar in the good format, but when I manually enter 10/12/2020 (10 th of December 2020), I get 12 th of October.


Is it a known bug waiting for an update or is there something to do about it ?


Thanks to anyone helping !