Creating a history log


Hi everyone,


I was wondering if you can create some sort of tracking / history in a line item?  Below are a picture of dates: the date actual (source system) will contain the most recent dates when uploading into anaplan where as the date actual historical will contain the dates from the previous time it was uploaded.  Is there a way to track all of the dates overtime (w/o bringing time dimension) into a line item so anaplan can track the changes in dates? for example in a separate  line item see 12/17/2019, 12/20/19 and other new date that may be captured for that specific list item?







  • Hi @Jmanaplanner46,


    If you are just interested in having timestamps ... and tracking changes based on this, then it might be easier to create a list with dates (that would be updated with each import. [Each one will be unique, so if you get the format right you should be safe with that].


    Thanks to it being Dates, you can have two subsets on this list. One for the Actual one [let's say only 12 + 1 months] and the other historical one. You can set up the whole proces of the subsets being updated the moment the new date is added (import is run).


    There are separate articles on the timestampt and would require a script being run regularly, but it is possible.


    With regards to your querry - question is what would this log represent? What kind of changes would you like to store there?

    In one of the models I was building we had the timestampt representing when the last import was done [the date was added as the extra column from the source system - which made it easier].


    If you want to select something from the Actual History ... well, things get complicated as History is ... a beast [lots of activity and information, so you really need to know and identify what you want].


    If you could expand a bit more on your idea to understand what you are after and we can all brainstorm on that here.