User List Formatting Performance Issue



We currently have a model built out with functionality to create "adjustments"; these adjustments have a line item that is dimensionalized by the Users list. The idea is to track who has made which adjustments, and figured that the users list is the best way to do this.


We currently have 2 versions of the model - UAT and PROD. UAT has almost 1200 Users in it, while PROD has 124. We expect PROD to reach (and potentially eclipse) the UAT number at some point. Testers have reported performance issues in the UAT model when trying to make a selection with this line item, even to the point that the model will time out.


Are there known performance issues for line items dimensionalized by Users when the users list reaches large numbers? Trying to determine the root cause here, and if its an Anaplan bottleneck or something external. For reference, testers have reported this while using Google Chrome.





  • @RobinSilk 


    I am not sure you want to go down the Users route with this because essentially you are blowing up the size of your model, especially with the number of users you are talking about.  Silly question, can you create a boolean that user clicks to enter an adjustment, and then filter on that boolean to figure out who did an adjustment?


    To answer your question about performance, there shouldn't be a hit as it acts like any other list, but there are some things you need to think about:

    • as stated earlier, your model is going to **** up in size
    • when playing with users and inputting data, it is difficult to get data out due to security around the Users list
    • When using Users, every time a new person is loaded into the system, your model is going to get bigger

    Usually when using Users as a list in model, it is for reporting purposes and not for inputting data so I would attempt to move away from using Users in this case.


    Hope this helps,



  • Per your boolean idea, how would you be able to filter it in order to know who created the adjustment? Would this mean dimensionalizing the line item by the users list or something?

  • @RobinSilk 


    You wouldn't know WHO did the adjustment, but an adjustment was made.  Is that a deal breaker?  But, if you wanted to know who did the adjustment, you will not be able to use the traditional Users list, you will have to create a custom one with a Top Level.  How many users would be potentially in this list and how big is the list with adjustments?



  • There would be over 1200 users with access to the model. Unsure how many would need access to the adjustment creation functionality but it would be easier to not make some sort of quasi "subset" of adjustment creators. I do see what you have in mind, though, and will think it through.

    As far as the number of adjustments, there is no set list length. It needs to be able to grow to any size - potentially thousands but unsure.

  • @RobinSilk 


    If you use the native Users list, then the module will be way to sparse as not everyone will be making the adjustments.  Keep the number of people who make adjustments as small as possible.