Level 2 - Sprint 3 - Activity 3.5.5 - SKU by Distribution Centre


Feeling lost how to go about creating module for this card All SKUs for a Distribtuion Center- any inputs please?


SKU by Distribution Center.PNG



  • I think I may have to create a new output module for this UX page and base all reports out of this otherwise if I base it on existing modules, I notice they don't all sync meaningfully....


    Appreciate any inputs please.....

  • MryP
    Shashikala Garu, I have a few questions regarding 3.4 and 3.5 parts of Level 2 Sprint 3, could you please help me.
  • Hi there,


    I can try, please describe.

  • MryP

    From 3.4.3:


    The formula that I have used for 'Safety Stock Flag Count': 'INV01 Inventory Ordering'.Safety Stock Exception Count[SUM: 'SYS08 SKU Details'.Country Made In]

    I got these results:



    I am not really sure that these are the results that I should be getting. Someone suggested that the 'ANY' function needs to be used. I am confused and I have been stuck here for a long time. I did go on to build the UX page anyway - but there there I have problem with syncing the 3rd grid with the page and also the values in the grid that look similar to the above ones. So, while I could get the first two grid synced to the page selectors I am not sure of the values. I think I am making some mistake in the way I am counting - it should probably be the number of instances of stock exception, rather. See:


    This is the prototype provided in the training. Here, in the second grid the number corresponding to Chocolates is 2 and the number corresponding to All Products is 1. So, I think it is just counting instances, but I am not sure.  


  • Hi,

    Regarding the count of stock exceptions, your formula is correct. Reason you are seeing huge numbers towards end of year and full year is becasue you have not done the Purchase order part.  So go into INV01 and tick the raise PO flag for a couple of weeks and you will notice the exception numbers falling.  This will prove your calc is correct.

    Secondly the dashboard screenshot  - second grid - showing 2 for chocolates and 1 for All products according to me is wrong, As All products is nothing but an aggregation of Product Family.

  • MryP
    Thank you very much! I was stuck at this point for a very long time, as there is no avenue to cross-check if the values are right, and some person in this forum suggested that the 'ANY' function has to be used.
  • MryP

    Further, for conditional formatting I am not able to apply a Rule like 'greater than 0' either in the UX or Module. All I find option for is (Minimum, Maximum) which forms a sort of gradient. Am I doing something wrong that the option is not present at all.
    Do we have to create a row that will determine if the values are greater than 0 or not, and on the basis of it apply conditional formatting. For example, the formula in the row will check if the values in the other row are greater than 0, and return 1 if they are else 0, so the gradient effect is gone. Then apply based on these values.


    UPDATE: I think I got it. The weekly values anyway would be 0 or 1, so in this case there wouldn't be a need to create that new row. But I am not able to do it in the New UX as these values would be aggregated. The conditional formatting that I had applied in the module is not reflecting in the UX Page.