Level1 MB Activity -2


Question:-  Level-1 Model Activity -2

I am trying to import and map the SKU volume csv file (Attached) in the Data02 Module, but getting the parameters like parent and code which are not present in the module as well as the CSV file. Below is the screenshot of the module line item (blueprint).




Below is the mapping screen to which , I need to input the Parent Data and Code


if anybody can guide me that would be great help. 



Vivek Singh 



  • Hi @vivekpratap2015 

    you are getting import defintions like that because you are trying to do the import action from Blue Print view . 

    Always try to import from Grid view , then Anaplan will get to know what dimensions are there in the module .


    Hope this helps.



    Puneeth HP

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  • Thanks for help , yes i figure it out