BI Connector - importing all dimensiosn

We are working on setting up a BI connection to Anaplan. I have saved a view for export and filtered on only select locations, months, etc. However, when we import this into BI it seems to override my filters and brings in ALL locations, ALL months, etc. Is anyone else having this issue or know how to ensure only those specific filters are brought in?


  • @c012262 

    When you create the saved view make sure you run a manual export from Anaplan and save the export as "Everyone". Also, keep in mind when you export data from Anaplan, you need to first run the export action, then run the download action. If you don't run the export action, you will get the data from the last export. Which BI tool are you using? If it's PowerBI there's a new Power BI add-in that will make it much, much easier to use.