A guide: How to tidy up any Anaplan model

Got multiple models on the go built by different departments? Thinking about establishing a CoE? Some of the first baby steps towards establishing your CoE can be daunting. Where do you start?
In the past, I have spent a fair bit of time embedded within a client's CoE and have navigated existing models across various implementations. I've honed my approach to tidying up and simplifying existing models and put into this one-pager summary to help any architect perform an important first step of a CoE's journey: a spring clean of the models. Now I can't work on an existing model without performing this exercise!

Following this method will:
  1. Drive consistency across models
  2. Make future design and development activities significantly easier
  3. Improve model space efficiency by cutting out all redundancies
  4. Make your models much easier to understand
  5. Ensure no user functionality is impacted

Note: this is a pretty major model surgery, so ensure that all model owners approve this exercise before proceeding.

Review the guide by downloading the attachment in this post. And drop me a note if any questions or feedback, I'd love to hear how it's being used!


  • Ari

    This looks fantastic James.


    I may try this out soon. I will keep you posted.


    Thank you for sharing.

  • Thanks @Ari !

  • Great synthesis James!


    I'm pleased to see that your guide reflects your operational precision and clarity. I enjoyed watching you 'tame' some of the wilder models we've seen on the projects you led, and learning so much from you in the process...


    This refresher is going straight to the Ferring Centre of Excellence as recommended reading.


  • Excellent guide - thanks for this James.
    I'll be using this to keep on top of the optimisations you helped us with last year!

  • Thanks so much JC and Jonathan, be great to hear how any of your model optimisations go! 

    @JamesC  @jjbuckle3i