Salary calculation based on Validity of the position


Hi All,


i am trying to populate a Position Validity Boolean based on the months a particular position is valid based on Effective From and Effective Till Months.

eg,if a position has effective from and effective till months, the Boolean should not only tick those months else if the position has only effective from month it should tick entire timescale of the model.(as in attached image)

I would need a formula for the same.


Thank in advance







  • Hi,


    You'll need to make use of AND OR to account for both scenarios with a formula along the lines of: 


    END() > Effective from AND   ( END() <= Effective To OR ISBLANK(Effective To) )


    This is using the last day of the month to check but you can customize it as needed for your scenario, and don't forget to use a system module for you END() and replace that in the formula above